28th-30th July

Illustration by Molly Martin:

Walk the Story of the Universe

with Greg Morter

Walk the Story of the Universe combines an introduction to the scientific story of the Universe with an enjoyable weekend of gentle walking and fine food. The idea of walking the story (scaled over 13.8 kilometres) is that you not only learn about the extraordinary events that brought us here, but also develop a strong physical sense of your place within them.

The 13.8 kilometre distance makes each metre we pass on the ground equivalent to a million years in time. We walk this over two days - 9.3 kilometres (5.8 miles) on the first day and 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) on the second. The route is from Castle Cary in southeast Somerset to King Alfred's Tower, a local landmark which overlooks much of the countryside here and so acts as a regular focus for our progress through time. The walk is through rolling hills and woodland with some fine views. A few of the hills are a little strenuous, but with periodic pauses to hear about key events or brew up, most people should find them easily manageable.

The weekend is based at our campsite; a quiet field with wonderful views in Redlynch, to the southwest of Bruton. If you don't fancy the idea of camping then please feel welcome to commute from home if you're local, or ask us for a list of local B&Bs. The camp is small and friendly, with somewhere between 8 and 15 participants.Our campsite is located near the end of the first day's walk, and is the starting point for the second day, so we need to carry no more than our lunch and waterproofs.

Walk the Story of the Universe is open to anyone who can walk 13.8 kilometres. No previous knowledge or particular outlook is assumed. Greg uses a variety of teaching techniques to help to make the content accessible, fun and engaging.